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Season’s Greetings From Visua

14 December 2016

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported Visua throughout the year. We look forward to working with you on new and exciting design challenges in 2017, which we’re sure is destined to be bigger and better than ever. Have a safe and happy holiday break and a prosperous New Year.

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3 June 2014

Visua is now on Instagram! So if you’re an Instagramer jump on board and follow us @studiovisua

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Building Genvio, New Zealand

21 April 2014

Visua have recently helped brand New Zealand Facility Management and Property Consultant company, ‘Genvio’. Based in Christchurch New Zealand, Genvio are part of the building and infrastructure reconstruction efforts facing Christchurch post the 2012 earthquakes that devastated the city.

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Visua Celebrates Stamp With Fireworks

31 March 2014

Each year Australia Post issues a 10 stamp series specifically for planners of both personal and public events. Some of the ‘Special Occasions’ series targets specific events such as birthdays, engagements and weddings; while others are of a more celebratory nature, allowing them to be used for multiple purposes.

The ‘Celebrations’ stamp, designed by Visua, features the grandest form of celebratory icon – the firework. Loved by, and awe inspiring to all generations, the design stamp has embraced the common cliché, reinvented it and presented it in a fresh light.

The firework stamp design takes on a whole new light when seen in the context of a Mini Sheet. The Mini Sheet contains four rotated stamps and utilises the much loved and unique pinwheel stamp layout, developed by Visua for the popular ‘Australian Landmark Architecture’ series issued by Australia Post in 2007.

© Stamp images reproduced with permission of Australia Post.

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Heavy Duty Design for Ryco

10 March 2014

Visua have recently completed a series of publications for Ryco Heavy Duty agricultural equipment filters. Ryco Heavy Duty is a new product segment to the Ryco Filters offering. The publications are designed to directly reflect the utilitarian robustness of agricultural equipment, clean and simple design working together with bold dynamic imagery and even bolder typography.

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Australia-Germany Joint Issue Stamp

28 February 2014

Commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of German explorer and naturalist Ludwig Leichhardt (1813-c.1848), Australia and Germany have released a joint stamp issue designed by Visua.

The then 29 year old Leichhardt travelled to Australia in 1842 with the intention of exploring and mapping inland Australia. Leichhardt undertook three expeditions. The first one was in 1844, from Queensland to Port Essington in the Northern Territory, followed by an unsuccessful attempt to cross Australia east to west in 1846. His final and most notable attempt was in 1848 which lead to the mysterious disappearance of Leichhardt and his entire expedition party in the Outback. Leichhardt’s final expedition lives on in our nation’s mythology.

It is said the level of detail contained within Leichhardt’s journals of Australian flora and fauna are unmatched even to this day. This stamp issue celebrates Leichhardt’s amazing legacy to Australia and Germany’s cultural history.

© Stamp images reproduced with permission of Australia Post.

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Piccolo Architecture’s Brand New Custom Typeface

24 January 2013

In the recent rebrand of Piccolo Architecture, Visua set about designing a unique, custom typeface to visually reflect the personality of the business, and help them stand out from the crowd. The bespoke typography not only forms the brand logo, but enables Piccolo Architecture to express multiple messages across a range of marketing activities while maintaining the consistency and integrity of the brand.

Check out Piccolo Architecture’s new brand identity in the branding section of our website.

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MFL Careers celebrates the launch of their website

14 January 2013

MFL Careers have good reason to celebrate. The website went live today and the initial feedback has been overwhelming. The visually minimalist website is feature rich with responsive attributes that allow it to be viewed on numerous mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The site also incorporates Web App features allowing iPad and iPhone users to view the site as a fullscreen native App.

The MFL Careers website is now live, so check out

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MFL Careers start 2013 with a new identity

7 January 2013

MFL Careers have ushered in the new year with the launch of their new brand identity. The founding of the business in 2012, was a life dream of our longtime patron and good friend, Maria Floudiotis. We’re extremely grateful we were asked to help make Maria’s dream a reality. MFL Careers is a focused, personalised and professional career development consultancy, based in Melbourne, Australia. If you or someone you know need a little guidance with career development, MFL Careers are the people to speak to.

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2012 Seasons Greetings

20 December 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank those companies and individuals who have helped make this year so great. We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season and look forward to partnering with you on more exciting design and communication challenges in the new year.

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The new Domoney Architecture website launches today.

26 July 2012

The new website for Steve Domoney Architecture is a marvel of coding and mathematics. Based on a rigid grid structure the site is visually clean and simple, however behind the scenes it employees complex back-end coding to detect the viewers computer or tablet device dimensions and delivers pixel perfect positioning and alignment of images. Touch gesture technologies are also integrated to cater for touch-screen devices. Designed to be fully self-managed by the client via a Content Management System (CMS), the CMS utilises proprietary coding seemlessly scaling and optimising the numerous high quality images throughout the site.


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The eArticles App hits the Apple App Store

14 June 2012

June sees the exciting launch of the new eArticles App in the Apple App Store. The App is the first of many grammar focused tools developed by Grammar Matters to help teach the more difficult aspects of standard english grammar. Aimed primarily at an non-english speaking audience the proudly Australian produced App, draws on Australian flora and fauna to help illustrate more complex grammar examples. The Visua team worked closely with Grammar Matters to develop their company brand, the Apps user-interface (UI), as well as formulating a strategic marketing approach encompassing print, online and social media advertising. The App is available now at the Apple App Store.

Click here to visit the Apple iTunes App Store.

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Commemorating a century of compulsory enrolment to vote

15 May 2012

This stamp issue commemorates a century of compulsory enrolment to vote in Australian federal elections. While compulsory voting was first advocated by Alfred Deakin at the turn of the 20th century, voting was voluntary for the first nine elections. Compulsory enrolment for federal elections was introduced in 1912.

Photography by Lynton Crabb Photography

© Stamp images reproduced with permission of Australia Post.

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Visua’s typographic logos selected for publication

6 March 2012

We’re proud to announce that our typographic brand design work has been recently acknowledged with several branding projects selected for a new book by Rockport Publishers, entitled LogoLounge Master Library Vol.4, Type & Calligraphy Logos. The book is available now at arts book stores or through

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Stamps commemorating the life of Dr Phillip Law

6 March 2012

Visua were commissioned by Australia Post in late 2010 to design a series of stamps that reflected the life achievements of Dr Phillip Law AC. The stamp issue marks the centenary of the birth of Dr Phillip Law AC (1912-2010), one of Australia’s most experienced polar explorers. Law was a pivotal figure in developing Australia’s Antarctic science program and in securing a commitment to the region.

In his 19 years as an Antarctic explorer, Phillip Law took part in 28 expeditions. Under his direction, some 5,000 kilometres of coastline were charted. He led the party that established Mawson Station in 1954 and in 1957 established Davis Station. Of all his achievements, Law considered the first landing at Larsemann Hills to be his greatest. In early 1958, after days of negotiating ice-free peaks that rose to 500 feet, the ANARE leader led the first party to land at Larsemann Hills. In his honour, the Law Base was established at the site in 1986-87.

Phillip Law passed away in Melbourne at the age of 97.

© Stamp images reproduced with permission of Australia Post.

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A new brand identity for Grammar Matters

15 February 2012

It’s been an extremely busy start to 2012. One of the many interesting projects has been the branding of an exciting new business creating educational Apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Grammar Matters is a Queensland based company specialising in linguistics. We are privileged to have been involved in branding the business as well as designing the user interface for the Apps, which will appear in the Apple App Store in the coming months. Visua have also developed the new website that will go live at the same time as the App. Stay tuned…

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Volume’s second store opens in Melbourne Central

31 January 2012

January saw the launch of Volume’s second store, located in Melbourne Central. The store continues the brand aesthetic established in the Westfield Doncaster pilot store and occupies a high traffic thoroughfare in the street fashion and entertainment precinct of the centre.

For more examples of the Volume brand and store concept, visit the branding section of our website.

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Taylor Reynolds launches new brand identity

23 November 2011

The end of November sees the launch of a new brand identity and website for Taylor Reynolds, specialists in multi-residential development and design services. Based in amongst the side streets of Fitzroy, Taylor Reynolds’ new identity draws its inspiration from Fitzroy’s gritty urban environs, the juxtaposition of business, fringe and cafe cultures and the tapestry of advertising, street stencil art and tagging that adorns most walls. The identity is very much about an expression of ‘place’ and as such utilises a custom stencil typeface which can be dressed up for serious business or dressed down for casual fun, spray stenciled on walls or dissected to create intricate patterns.

Stay tuned, images to follow soon.

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Visua’s exciting new responsive blog

11 October 2011

It’s hard to ignore the speed at which the online communication industry is changing. With the continual evolution of devices and their varying formats, it’s essential that you move with the times or get left behind. It was almost a year ago when Visua launched its first blog, but a lot has happened since then, monthly traffic to the site is in the hundreds and the site needed to be rebuilt to meet these demands and keep up with new best practices.

We’re proud to reveal our all new ‘responsive’ blog. So what’s ‘responsive’ you ask?

Responsive is a whole new organic approach to website design, automatically customising your website experience to any device including desktops, iPhones, Blackberrys and iPads to name just a few.

Visit on any device and the site will fluidly reformat itself to the proportions of your device.

Now we think that’s pretty cool!

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Visua celebrates the successful launch of Volume.

18 September 2011

The first of many Volume stores opened last week at Westfield Doncaster and the first few days of trading have been extremely successful. The new Volume store is undoubtedly the new showpiece of Westfield Doncaster and Westfield’s management team couldn’t be more pleased. Retail interior designers Studio Ginger have weaved their magic once again and the result is truly stunning. The Volume rebrand was headed by the team at Visua, name generation by Incognito Sum, interiors by Studio Ginger and photography by Lynton Crabb Photography.

Stay tuned… The new Melbourne Central store will be open in late November and additional stores will follow throughout 2012.

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Visua rebrands leading specialist audio retailer

7 July 2011

The Visua team have been hard at work developing an exciting new brand for an Australian chain of high-end audio stores, scheduled to launch in August. The project entailed the generation of a new company name and the rebranding of an established leading retail business from the ground up. Our team worked closely with interior designers to ensure the new brand vision was realised. The result is a fresh and exciting, truly unique concept store.

Stay tuned… more details and photos to come following the brands official launch.

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Visua Blog for design innovation and inspiration

5 May 2011

April saw the launch of the new Visua Blog. The site was developed to showcase design innovation and inspiration from the global design community. The blog has also been designed to work on both iPhone and iPad, so you can stay up-to-date on the run. If you have an iPad and want to bookmark the Visua Blog, visit the site and select ‘Add to Home Screen’ from the iPad menu.

View the Visua blog at

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Visua gets its own Facebook URL

20 April 2011

We all know Facebook is rapidly becoming an essential business tool. Visua has been tracking developments in social media for some time now and is well versed in the pros and cons of social networking. Earlier this month we created our first official Facebook Fan Page. Since then the fan base has been growing steadily and we’ve just reached a very minor milestone in gaining our 25th fan. This means that Visua now has its very own Facebook URL.

You can now keep up-to-date with what’s happening at Visua via your Facebook account. Just search Facebook for Visua or visit

You can also follow Visua on Twitter at

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LogoLounge Master Library Vol.4

3 March 2011

We’re proud to announce that our brand design work has been acknowledged once again, with several recent branding projects selected for a new book by Rockport Publishers, entitled LogoLounge Master Library Vol.4, Typography and Enclosures. The book should hit shelves later this year or early 2012.

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Seasons Greetings

17 December 2010

The team at Visua would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped make this year so successful. We look forward to working with you on new and exciting design challenges in 2011. Have very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

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